Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone.
Wow, hasn’t this been a busy month, well it has for me. I’ve been chasing my tale all month but it’s been a fruitful month also. I have the third book in the Storm-Bringer Saga : Th Black Knights of Crom Cruach was released, which has been brilliant. (I just need to write book four now!)
I’ve also released a fun little story collaboration with my author friends Rick Haynes, Chris C.s. Bailey and the Lady Ava K Michaels: Happy Halloween. The proceeds of this particular story are going to KUF forum which is a great wee place to support Indie Authors, so a worthy cause.
Finally, but not least, my collection of Drabbles and Poems has gone on sale: Little Words… Full of Big Worlds. I am currently working on a follow up collection of short stories which will be out shortly.
So anyway, have a great Hallow’s Eve, don;t eat until your sick and take a moment to gaze in wonder at the half moon up there and remember that there are others all over the world who can see the same moon.

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