A Bedtime Story

Mr and Mrs Rabbit lived on the outskirts of town, near the local dump. It wasn’t ideal. In fact it was a bit of a hole, but it was home.
They often struggled to make ends meet, and Mr Rabbit sometimes brought his kids down to the town’s allotment to ‘borrow’ a few vegetables from their better off neighbours
Winter was on its way, and the nights were getting longer, making their lives even harder.
The family settled down to a dark time of X Factor and I’m not really a Celebrity, so get me the feck out of here.

The above is a drabble which you won’t find in my collection of Drabbles and Poetry: Little Words … Full of Big Worlds. So if you were planning to buy the book just so you could have a copy of the above drabble, sorry but it’s not included. However, there are over 230 drabbled and poems within the book, so hopefully, there is something else to entertain you instead

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