The W.I.P. Blog Tour

The W.I.P Blog Tour.

When I first heard about the WIP Blog Tour, it was from my editor, David Wailing. Not only has he the critical eye of a great proof reader and the vision to make a good editor, he is also a brilliant author in his own right. When he is not slaying semicolons like it’s going out of fashion, he is creating true works of art.

Needless to say I am a great fan of his books.

David advised me that he had been nominated to join the WIP Blog Tour by another wonderful author: Michael Brookes, who had also recently completed a tour. .

David then nominated me in his WIP Blog tour:

Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea, so I agreed to do it without hesitation. Thank you, David, for your warm words on your own tour and for nominating me.
Some authors lock themselves away and focus only on one project at a time, in a sort of mental, and sometimes physical hibernation, but my mind doesn’t work like that. I tend to have a number of projects, large and small, going at the same time, and in-between this, I’ll also regularly write drabbles, short stories and poetry. However, my main project at the moment and the one I am most focused on, is the fourth and final novel in the Storm-Bringer Saga.

This is a work of Epic Fantasy with multiple characters, interwoven plotlines and more twists than a welsh mountain pass. Currently, I am about 38k words through the fourth book. To some, that would be a book in itself, but it will probably finish around 200k words, (famous last words). The Storm-Bringer Saga is set for a fabulous cataclysmic ending to the series and will answer some of the many questions that the readers have been asking. There are also some unexpected final twists in there to keep the readers riveted.

I have included a little snipped from the first three chapters, though apologies for any errors. David has not had the chance to edit this one yet, and I am a firm believer that you should not start fixing the little errors in your draft until you have finished writing it.

I have not decided on the final title for the book yet, but I am currently using the working title: The Dragon Queen. The novel is also lacking a cover yet.

Chapter One: The Snow Giant

Maerlin flew ever-eastward toward the coming dawn, and the shadow of the mountains. She was gradually becoming more accustomed to her new dragon form as she night turned to day.

The sun was just breaking over the immense mountains when she saw signs of life ahead. The trail of footprints and sleigh tracks that she had been following had been swallowed up by other tracks.

As she crested a low rise in the icy wasteland, she saw a towering figure wielding an uprooted tree as a club. She had never seen such a creature before, though she had heard tales around the firelight on many a winter’s evening. The tales did little justice to the monster before her. The creature was as tall as a dragonship was long, and as wide as two such ships strapped together …

Chapter Two: Uprising

On waking, Gweedor was momentarily surprised to find himself in the High-shaman’s bed, before memories came flooding back. For a moment he lay there, content, but worry soon gnawed at his inside, making him rise and begin another day.

The sun must be close to setting by now, on this, his fourth day home. He looked down at the scabs that covered his freshly-carved tattoo. It signified his recent adventure, and like all of the Dark Goblins, he had endured the long hours of pain while his achievements were recorded for all to see. As the spiritual leader of his little war band, his tattoo was naturally bigger and more detailed than his companions. After all, what was the point of leadership if you couldn’t bask in your moments of success? The other members of his war band also had been similarly branded, to a lesser degree.

The tattoo, which covered all of his right shoulder, depicted the head of a fire-red dragon. It was his lord and master: Crom Cruach. The drawing was fearsome to behold, but it did little justice to the malign features of the god himself. Gweedor should know. He had seen the god up close with his own eyes, and he was still tormented by visions of the ever-demanding deity.

Chapter Three: A Royal Visitation.

Princess Saoirse, the heir to the throne of Tir Pect, arrived without an escort at the gates of Dun Dragan. She was dressed simply in an ceremonial white gown of the Priestesses of Arianrhod. The paleness of the gown only heightened the paleness of her own skin. Although simply attired, she walked forward with regal bearing. Her lustrous red hair was an almost identical match to her mother’s fiery locks.

She arrived with the dawn, and surprised most of the fortress. Conal, however, had been up for some time. He had been busy washing the sweat from his morning run when the page announced that she was at the gates.

Nominations for the Blog Tour

I am going to nominate the following authors: Rick Haynes and C. S. Bailey for the Blog Tour, as I am a great fan of their work. I have recently worked with both of my fellow Banana-men on a multi-drabble short story: Happy Halloween, and writing it was utter madness. We had such great fun writing this tongue-in-cheek horror story, and I think the madness is reflected in the book. Both authors are keen drabblists, regularly producing some worthy pieces of flash fiction. Both have recently released compilations of flash fiction, a mixture of shorts stories, poems and drabbles.

Chris (C.S.) Bailey has also produced a wonderfully dark narcissistic first novel: Maybe Misery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and look forward to the follow up novel that I know he is working on.

I am currently reading Rick Haynes’s first novel: Bolt Out of the Blue which is a beautiful heart-warming tale of hope in times of despair. It is an ideal novel for snuggling around a fire together and reading with the family.

Here are the rules for the blog tour:

1. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you.
2. Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current work in progress.
3. Nominate some other writers to do the same.

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