Mankind has always had a sense of the mystical when coming across an albino wild animal, perhaps this is the root cause of the tales of Unicorns. The white stag, or the white raven are equally held in reverence. Some cultures considered them sacred, and would not hunt an albino creature. The whiteness of their pelt was associated with purity, spirituality, and wisdom.

Even the white rabbit is associated with magic, though more by association these days, rather than being touched by the gods. Sadly, we might have lost some of our mysticism for albino wildlife, as we have also lost much of our intuitiveness for Mother Earth.

In reading the novel: Bolt Out Of The Blue, by Rick Haynes, I am reminded of the powerful imagery of the albino. Bolt, the wild albino rabbit, is indeed a spirit guide to the families at Home Farm. In modern Christian beliefs he could indeed be viewed as a guardian angel. He arrived at a time of great need, and through his intervention he saved the day.

This book could be summed up in one word: Charming. Nowadays, that word has lost its true meaning and can be mistakenly used to speak ill of something, but I refer to its earlier meaning.

It is a beautiful heart-warming tale of hope overcoming despair. It is founded on the idea of karma. In life, we get what we deserve. It is a powerful and yet subtle tale that resonates within my soul. It is an ideal novel for snuggling around a fire and reading aloud with the family. Its message can be understood by young and old alike. I suspect that hidden within this book you may find a little magic dust. Perhaps you will also be touched by it.

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