The Ordeal of the Over-eager Alarm Clock

Don’t you hate it when you’ve forgotten to check the alarm clock before going to bed at night, and it gets you up an hour earlier than you planned to? Me, I prefer to get up under my own steam, before the alarm is even awake. The day is always better that way. (Yes, I know some of you wouldn’t get up at all if that was the case.)

Worse still, when the alarm is set for some stupid freaky time of night, like an hour after you’ve finally gotten to sleep, and you are so tired that you just stagger out of bed and reluctantly accept the morning without checking first.

You’re half way through your second cup of strong coffee before your eyes are functioning enough to see the damned clock and realise the mistake, but by that time it’s far too late … you’re awake, and your bowel movements are starting to demand attention.

You try going back to bed, but it’s no use. You are awake, whether you like it or not. You know, deep down, that it is going to be one of those days … probably a Monday anyway … but there is nothing you can do but man up and accept this new reality, so you stay up and take the dog for a midnight walk, and then maybe do some laundry. Shit, if you’re up, the rest of the house might as well be. After all, that’s what family are for!

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