Becoming a Man

This short story was inspired by another excellent short story by Rick Haynes, which hopefully he will share at some point.
This is my version of the same scenario.

Becoming a Man

The youth coughed to get the woman’s attention.
She turned around and gave him the once over, saying nothing.
“H-how much?”
“How much what?” she responded, arching a well groomed eyebrow.
“You know,” he blushed, not meeting her eye. “How much … for a go?”
“You what!”
He looked nervously around. Thankfully, the street was deserted. “ A go … a ride, you know. How much for a hump?”
She took a step closer, her make up marred by an angry snarl. “Did you think I’m a prostitute?”
“Do I look like a pro?”
The young man said nothing, but you could see by his eyes that he was considering running away at this point.
“I’ll have you know that I was waiting for a bus. I’m on my way to that new fancy nightclub downtown.”
The youth looked around. “This isn’t a bus stop.”
“Listen here, you cheeky monkey. If you look as good as I do, anywhere is a bus stop.”
“Oh! Sorry, I thought…”
“I hope you don’t proposition every young woman you see standing on a street corner. You’ll never get a girlfriend if you act like that. Did ya mammy not teach you anything?”
The young man flushed and started to move away.
“Hey, come back here. I was only pulling ya leg.”
Catching his arm, she smiled at him. “First timer, eh?”
He nodded shyly.
“How old are ya, lad. You don’t look old enough to be at this lark!”
“Eighteen. My Da gave me fifty quid for my birthday … he told me to go out and get myself laid … said it was time I became a man.”
She brushed the down on his cheek; a tender gesture, as she looked him in the eye. “Don’t you have a girlfriend? You’re a cute looking lad.”
He looked away.
“Don’t you like girls?”
“They’re alright … some of them are nice.”
“But you’ve never been with one before, have you?”
He said nothing, but looked uncomfortable.
Sensing his nervousness, she guided him into the darkness of the alleyway, where they wouldn’t be disturbed. “Give me your hand,” she asked. Sensing his hesitation, she added, “Don’t be a chicken. I won’t bite.”
Reluctantly, he did as she bid.
Unbuttoning her blouse, she placed the palm of his hand against her bare breast.
He stood there, nervously, not moving a muscle.
“You can move your hand, you know … check out the merchandise seeing as it’s your first time. I won’t charge you for it.”
His hand moved, brushing the nipple, and then he pulled his hand away. “Sorry, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, after all.”
“Don’t you like me?” she demanded, grabbing his elbow to stop him leaving.
“No, you’re nice. Look … I’m sorry. How much do I owe you?”
“What … for copping a feel? Forget it. That one’s on the house. It’s been a quiet night, anyway.”
“You’ve been very kind … it’s just …”
“It wasn’t doing anything for you, was it?”
She opened her blouse fully, exposing her breasts to the cool of the night air. “My breasts … they don’t do anything for you, do they?”
“Look, I’m sorry,” he repeated, backing away.
She sighed, sensing that her new client slipping away. “Will you buy me a drink for my trouble?” she asked. “It’s gonna start raining soon, and it’d be nice to be inside for a while. You never know, we might both get lucky.”
How could he refuse? “Ermm … okay. There’s a pub around the corner, I think.”
“What … the Dog and Bone? Nah, that’s full of dirty old men with straying hands. I’ve a much better idea. There’ll be a bus along in a minute. Let’s head into town.”
“But …”
“What’s the matter? Are you afraid of being seen with an attractive young woman?”
“No … that’s fine, it’s just … I’ve never been much of a one for nightclubs.”
“I think you’ll like this one. Trust me.”
“Oh, okay then. Where are we going?”
“I’m taking you to the Pink Flamingo.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ve heard it’s a gay bar!”
“It is, but don’t fret. You’re with me. I’ll look after you.”
“I don’t know …”
“Trust me … I just know you’re gonna love it there. They’re nice people, very friendly and not too pushy.”
“My Da wouldn’t approve.”
“Fuck ya Da. I’m not asking him, am I? Anyway, didn’t he give you some money and tell you to go out and become a man?”
“Well … yes, but …”
“Maybe you’re just not the sort of man that he had in mind. We’ll nip into the Flamingo, have a few drinks and a laugh, and see how the evening progresses. If you don’t like it, we can always go somewhere else. No harm no foul. If, after a few drinks, you want to spend the night with me, all well and good, but if you find someone else to spend the night with … well at least I’ll have had a good night out on the town for my troubles. What d’you say?”
“What if someone sees me going in there …?”
“You’ll be going to the pub with a hot chick on your arm. Even if we bump into one of your mates from school, no one is gonna say anything.”
After a further moment’s hesitation, he shrugged, “Come on then. What the hell.”

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