“This is Anita Goldfinch, on the scene for GTFOOH News. I’m reporting from Feathery Lane, in the suburbs of Pullettown, where a tragic accident happened earlier today. A young white female, who police later named as Clarissa Leghorn, was tragically struck down while crossing the freeway. Neighbours are supposedly shocked, and no one can understand why she was crossing this dangerous intersection. Police are examining a card found near the scene of the accident, addressed to a local pimp living nearby. Although not signed by the victim, the Valentine’s card does declare undying love for the colourful rascal: Mr Peacock”

Why? The Plot Thickens

Later that day…

“This is Anita Goldfinch for GTFOOH News. We are waiting for Mr. Peacock to make a statement to the press. Here he is now.”

A young fellow, dressed in gaudy plumage steps out of the nearby tenements and approaches the camera crew.

“Mr. Peacock! Can you tell us what your relationship was to Ms Leghorn?”

“Listen, Babe, that chick was whacked, ya dig? I was trying to get a restraining order out against her … axe the Po-leese!”

“So you did know the victim then?”

“She was always laying eggs on my doorstep. She wanted my lovechild!”

Why? The Plot Thickens Further …

A short while later

“This is Anita Goldfinch for GTFOOH News. The Pullettown Police Department have just released a statement. It is revealed that a handgun was found close to the scene. Police are currently questioning the postman, but it appears that he had delivered mail to the victim earlier. From our sources inside the PPD, we believe that two letters were delivered. One was the card we spoke of earlier, which had been returned to sender, and the other was a court order of some type. As the old saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a chicken scorned.”

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