Coffin Ships

For the last few weeks, I like most of us, have watched the lines of desperate refugees heading into Europe, seeking a new life away from the war torn countries they called home, or being crammed into ships in the hope that they will survive the rough seas and find sanctuary. I have been torn for a long time about writing about it, but can’t help but feel that history is repeating itself, I cannot help but feel the resonance to the coffin ships that were packed with starving Irish and Scottish peasants, or to the American Indians who were forced off their lands and forced to march half way across America to some desolate wasteland that the US government decided was of so little worth that it was worth giving to the Indians. Anyway, i finally managed to put pen to paper today and write something about it.

Coffin Ships by Nav Logan

The coffin ships sail, packed to the gills with the desperate,
The homeless; the starving masses.
They seek a new life; a better life, fleeing the ravages of war, famine, and persecution.
Dead wash up on foreign shores,
Bloated children, torn from their mothers arms,
Do we greet them with open arms; open hearts or show them the hard face of prejudice,
The might of our guns, and the hatred in our eyes?
Others follow a new Trail of Tears,
Migrating to the reservations we allocate them.
They didn’t create the problem. We must work to find a solution.

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