Juxtaposed Personality

I inhale deeply of the heady scent of nothingness,

Gaze longingly through the window to the place named poverty of my soul.

Loneliness stands beside me,

His presence ever reassuring.

I am not alone.

I will never be alone.

For there is always doubt to keep me company.

I hear a buzzing in my ears,

The pounding of my jaded heart,

And know that I am alive,

Even though Life is beyond my reach.

There is a simple beauty in the reflection of sunlight on razor wire,

Or the cold emptiness of the shallow grave,

If we but seek it out.

I turn and look at my gaoler, asking him why?

He ignores me …

Or did he just ask me the same thing?

It is always folly to expect wisdom from within the mirror.

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