The Age of Immorality

Armchair assassins spouting vitriol,

To strangers they have never met,

Attacking the weak and vulnerable

From the safety of their own homes.

Cyber bullies

With hate filled hearts,

Looking for flaws  to persecute in others.

Afraid to face their own inner demons.

They caress their keyboards,

And get their jollies,

Not caring about the pain they inflict,

With their snide remarks.

Their victims have nowhere to run,

Nowhere to hide,

In desperation, they seek an end to their torment

Why are these bullies are not held accountable for their crimes?

Why are the sites that allow this to happen not being closed down?

Has society really lost so much of its values that we do nothing?

Welcome to the new age,

The Age of Immorality.

Where parents don’t teach their children right from wrong,

Where we become so engrossed in the machine,

That we forget about our humanity.

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