Sleeping Beauty


Jasmine was trapped perpetually in sleep, her bed encased in a clear plastic tent.

The nurses referred to her as ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ due to her exceptionally fair appearance.

She had remained thus for seven long years.

Her doctors had tried every known medical technique to revive her, but she had adamantly remained unresponsive to treatment. In desperation, they had called in an expert.

On Monday, June 5th, the new doctor arrived. He was well-renowned in the field of brain traumas.

Dismissing the other staff, the good doctor examined his patient alone.

He studied her charts, checked her vitals, and performed a thorough examination of her body. Drawn by her looks, he looked around to check that they were still alone.

Satisfied, he cupped Jasmine’s breast, squeezing the inviting flesh. With a final look over his shoulder, he slipped off his white coat and climbed beneath the sheets. His hands groped her unresisting body, while his lips moved in for a kiss.

Jasmine stirred from her dreamlike state. Her eyes flickered open as she gagged against the tongue which was assaulting her mouth. She looked directly into the ugliest face she had ever encountered. A short stumpy man was sharing her bed, and clearly, he was in a state of arousal.

“Get off me, you creep!” she demanded, pushing her assailant away.

Jasmine was indignant with anger … and a little confused too.

She had paid a small fortune for the spell which had induced her coma. She had been assured of a fairy-tale awakening … or had that all been part of her strange dream. Perhaps she was still dreaming?

The doctor hurriedly donned his white cloak before summoning the nurses.

“Your patient is cured,” he declared magnanimously.

“A miracle,” one nurse proclaimed.

Another gushed, “You’re a genius, Doctor Prince! How did you do it?”

The doctor winked, “That’s a trade secret, my dear. If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.”

The nurses all laughed, a little nervously.

Doctor Prince waddled from the room, knowing that he would be well paid for his consultation. Still, he was a little frustrated that the patient had woken prematurely. However, the witch had warned him about kissing his victims. His sexual hungers had got the better of him on this occasion. He would need to be more careful in future. As long as he paid the witch well for her magic, she would continue to supply him with fresh patients to cure, and once the residue of her spell wore off, most of them suffered a mild case of amnesia.  They never remembered the cause of their strange malady.

He bumped into another doctor in the hallway. “Ah! Handsome, old boy, are you finished already? My God that was quick!”

Dr. Prince shrugged and walked on. “All in a day’s work.”

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