Bananas In My Shorts

now available on paperback or Kindle
now available on paperback or Kindle

Bananas In My Shorts – A compilation of Short stories and Drabbles is now out

Finally, after much hard work, my second compilation ‘Bananas In My Shorts’ is released. This differs a little from ‘Little Words … Full of Big Worlds’ . My first compilation was a collection of poems and drabbles, intermixed. This book is actually two books for the price of one. The first part is all short stories; anything from 500 words to over 3000 words. Some of these are true stories of the early part of my life, when I traveled with horses and wagons, and later when I had my own farm. I have included some photos to add a bit of colour to these stories, though the stories themselves should be colorful enough.  There are also a whole range of fictional short stories, covering various genres, to keep you guessing about what will come next. I’ve finished the first part of the book off with a couple of good poems, before starting the second part which are all drabbles. For those of you who don’t know what a drabble is, it is a  story written using exactly one hundred words (excluding the title).
I hope you enjoy reading it. It’s out now.

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