Rick Haynes:

Hi, my name is Rick Haynes. I am an author and award winning Drabblist.

My passion is medieval fantasy but I write short stories and Drabbles in many different genres.

This is my world.

Ever upwards, never stopping, the staircase to the heavens awaits all those wishing to dream.

And all you have to do is place one foot on the first step.

Consider the endless possibilities, as you climb higher and higher.

Boredom is unknown in my time and space, for can you not see the stars sparkling bright, ready to enlighten you?

Is your mind ready to absorb the endless possibilities of a million words?

And are you ready to join me on a magical journey?

I will embrace you with open arms.

And welcome you into the world of my imagination.

Amazon…/B00C…/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&#8230 Rick haynes

Ken Magee  http://www.kenmageeauthor/   KM square

Most folk believe that technology rules their lives. They’re wrong. Dark conspiracies and ancient magic actually dominate this planet. My one mission in life is to open people’s eyes to that fact.

My name is Ken Magee and I tell people I write contemporary fantasies which blend adventure and humour with technology and magic. My books live under the tagline ‘Ancient Magic Meets the Internet’. I pretend that they’re works of fiction, because I’m afraid of the powerful people behind the conspiracies… I’m hoping a ‘fiction’ writer will slip under their radar.

Up until the point when I discovered the frightening plot which deliberately caused the recent global financial meltdown, I’d led a fairly normal life. I’d worked for many years in the computer industry in roles ranging from programming through to sales. In the middle of it all, I’d served in the Naval Reserve… which was hard work, but fun. Then in 2010, I decided to make time to finish Dark Tidings, the book I’d started many years earlier (writing not reading). I would have finished it sooner, but life got in the way. It’s finished now (the book, not life).

Dark Tidings is book one of the series. The Black Conspiracy and A Darker Shade of Black complete the ‘Ancient Magic Meets the Internet’ trilogy.

Guy Donovan :About me (Guy Donovan),

Daddy and 'Cerys'

In the 1990’s and 2000’s, I worked on both television and feature films as an animator and storyboard artist/designer for Marvel Films, Hanna-Barbera, Sony Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, and Warner Bros Feature Animation, amongst others.

Now I work for the U.S. Government in return for a steady paycheck and job security, allowing me to continue my wasteful habits of eating and providing for my family.

I live in North Dakota, USA with my wife and daughter. Creatively starved by my government job, I turned to writing at the advice of my wife, a fellow Hollywood expatriate who writes both screenplays and novels. That led to my current obsession with 5th century Wales, which is the setting of my ‘Dragon’s Treasure’ series. The first two novels, ‘The Forgotten Princess of Môna’ and ‘A Cold, White Home’ are currently available as e-books and I continue toward completing the final two installments, which are written but as yet untitled.

Other good links: Rosen Trevithick for Book Covers For David Wailing‘s great list of books and also for his excellent editing and proofreading service : Writer of humorous & psychological fiction CS Bailey A K Michaels Mandy Lou Dowson Jack Silince

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