Little Words … Full of Big Worlds

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Little Words … Full of Big Worlds
A collection of Poems and Drabbles, due to be released on 1st November 2014

Kindle version now available on Amazon*Version*=1&*entries*=0

This book is a compilation of work from over the last ten years or more. It includes a lot of drabbles, and a good variety of poems to entertain you
When I first started writing in my early teens, it was through the medium of poetry. I found it to be a great release valve for the madness that was going on in my head. It was a way to cope with reality and my frustrations.
One of my earliest recollections of writing was in school. They asked the class to write war poems. They read us some arty-farty nonsense about poppies on a battlefield, which made war sound so romantic. Most of the class reproduced similar garbage. Instead, I wrote a story about a young English soldier who charged across a battlefield in terror, afraid of getting shot for cowardice if he didn’t. He met a German soldier, who looked just as young and scared as he was. In a panic, the German tried to shoot him, but his rifle had jammed. The British soldier, acting purely on impulse and training, screamed at the top of his lungs and lunged forward, killing his ‘enemy’ with a bayonet in the guts. They both fell to the ground, and he watched, weeping, while the German soldier slowly died in his arms. It was a gruesome and sardonic look at the reality of war. They printed the poems in the school magazine, but they refused to include the title of my poem. They must have considered it too dark or too flippant. It was called, ‘How to Kill a Gerry in Three Easy Lessons.’ Many of my poems had great titles that were poetry in themselves.
I remember being so angry that they had removed the title, and thinking how hypocritical they were. However, I found the exercise very cathartic, and I was hooked. If an idea came into my head, I just had to write it down. It needed to get out of my head and exist.
I’ve always found writing poems (and later, drabbles) to be a great way to channel my thoughts and emotions, and make comments on in my life. Sadly, most of my poems have vanished like the thoughts that inspired them.
In recent years, I have found myself writing drabbles instead. They are similar to the poems, in that they are a way to express my thoughts and feelings, however, they are not constricted by rhyme or cadence, therefore, are much easier to create. Drabbles are like to me free-form, modern jazz poetry.
For those of you unfamiliar with Drabbles, a Drabble is a short story of exactly hundred words in length.
When I first stumbled across drabbles, I liked the concept, recognising in it a similarity to my poetry writing, but I never thought that I would be able to write them.
Now, my daily thoughts are converted into drabbles, as for years they had been converted into poems. Despite my recent conversion to the drabble art form, I still have a deep affection for reading and writing poems. They are each unique forms of flash fiction, and interesting ways to tell a story.
As a writer, I find them invigorating, and they help me to channel my thoughts. They focus the mind and teach me to clear away the chaff from the gem within. As an author of Epic Fantasy, it is easy to over-elaborate and procrastinate. Writing poems and drabbles focuses my thoughts. Each word or phrase is investigated, scrutinised, and rationalised before being admitted. Any surplus is discarded until only the essential crux of the story remains.
I often wake up with an odd thought or image in my head and need to immediately get up and write something down. At other times, I find myself walking or driving home when suddenly an idea pops into my head.
These ideas can be about absolutely anything. I love to wrestle with words and their meanings. I love to twist and manipulate them like play-dough and create something unexpected. I do not consciously plan my writing, whether it is a poem, drabble, or even a novel. I simply write and see where the journey takes me.
You will find a wide variety of subjects covered within this compilation. Some, I hope, will make you laugh, while others will investigate the darker side to human nature. Some of the work would be considered adult in content, so be forewarned. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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