Maerlin’s Storm



Now available on paperback Now available on paperback[/caption]Maerlin’s Storm begins a series of novels called the Storm-Bringer Saga. They are a coming of age, fantasy tale about a young girl called Maerlin Smith.

Maerlin’s life has been increasingly troubled of late. It all started when she predicted a violent storm; the storm that killed her mother. Now, she finds herself alienated from the other villagers. They believe she is responsible for the freak storms that have wreaked havoc across the mountain. Maerlin, however, has other things on her mind – she believes that she is going to die.

In desperation, they summon a healer and Maerlin’s life is changed forever when the witch takes her under her wing.

Like a stone causing rippling across a lake, Maerlin is destined to create shock-waves across Dragania, and beyond. Her journey becomes more than just the many miles of wandering; it is a spiritual and emotional roller-coaster ride.

Can Maerlin learn to control the storms, or will they consume her? Will she find the true meaning behind her dreams, or will they lead her to insanity? Perhaps, they are the very path to her destiny. Only time will tell…

Click on the hyperlink below to go directly to Amazon and buy a copy of Maerlin’s Storm :
(UK and Europe sites) B00B80XULM
US site B00B80XULM

ISBN eBook Version: 978-0-9928521-0-8
ISBN Paperback Version: 978-0-9928521-1-5

Paperback versions of this book are available through Amazon, or you can contact me direct for a personalized copy. (Prices may vary depending on postage cost $15.99, £9.99, or €11.99 plus P&P of your choice.) The book is 6″x9″ with a Glossy cover and creme pages. It is approx 375 pages long and weighs 600g and looks fabulous, if I say so myself.

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