The Gathering of the Clans

thegatheringoftheclans resized

Conal has lived most of his life with a price on his head, but as he nears his manhood, the list of people trying to kill him continues to grow. All Conal has to do is ride down to the Gathering of the Clans, compete in the trials of manhood and be declared fit to rule. Surely it can’t be that hard, even for Conal.
Meanwhile, Maerlin’s dreams are still troubling her. Destiny and the Gods have been playing her like a puppet since before she was born. Now, it’s time for Maerlin to start making her own decisions.
One morning, a blind stranger arrives at the quiet monastery of Leithban. Mead production is soon the last thing on the monks’ minds, as their tranquil life is torn asunder.
Malachi’s life of debauchery as the court jester is about to get wildly out of control. Is it possible to be a fool and a hero at the same time?

Click on the hyperlink below to go directly to Amazon and buy a copy of The Gathering of the Clans:
(UK and Europe) B00GTXNB5I
US site B00GTXNB5I

ISBN eBook Version: 978-0-9928521-2-2
ISBN Paperback Version: 978-0-9928521-3-9

Paperback versions of this book are available through Amazon, or you can contact me direct for a personalized copy. (Prices may vary depending on postage cost $20.00, £13.00, or €16.00 plus P&P of your choice.) The book is 6″x9″ with a Glossy cover and crème pages. It is approx. 520 pages long and weighs 600g and looks fabulous, if I say so myself.

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