The Black Knights of Crom Cruach

5 Star book review
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely wonderful! 19 Oct 2014
By Pafos2109
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I was extremely fortunate to receive an ARC of this and boy was I happy! This is the third book in the fabulous Storm-Bringer Saga and I have to say I loved it just as much as the first two. I’ll try and not give any spoilers but boy oh boy are we in for a surprise with Malachi! That’s not the only surprise in this instalment, there’s lots going on with Maerlin and the Dragon King too! And WHAT a revelation regarding the Gods! Edge of your seat exciting, loved it utterly! If you like Epic Fantasy then this series is for you, tho, of course start with book 1. The world building and character development is wonderful and kept me turning the pages, then having to go back and read again as I was supposed to be proofing lol! Dark and menacing at times and lighthearted and funny at others. Mr Logan is a very talented story teller and I already crave the next one! Thank you for allowing me to read this ARC and please hurry up with the next!

The Black Knights of Crom Cruach is now available on Amazon at this link:

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Book Cover BKOCC

Far away from Sliamh Na Dia, in the northern wilderness, there is a warren of caves deep underground. These belong to one of the largest clans of Na Coblinau-Dorcha:. These Dark Goblins lurk within the darkness, listening to the voice of their god, and waiting for the day when they can reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
Crom Cruach was tricked by the Seven Greater Gods and trapped within the mountain, Sliamh Na Dia, long ago, but his prison walls are beginning to crumble. The time is now at hand…
Gweedor is a young acolyte of the Snake God. He has been desperately waiting for his Dream-summoning, but when Crom Cruach finally called him, he wishes that he had taken up hunting instead. He had expected a simple task to prove his worthiness, certainly nothing dangerous.
Instead, he is drawn into his worst nightmare.
Meanwhile, Maerlin the Storm-Bringer is struggling to break free of the manipulation of the Gods. She learns some bitter truths that shake her to the core and make her re-evaluate her very existence.
Can she find a way to break free and make her own destiny?

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