Happy Halloween – A Scary Collaboration


Release Date 24/10/2014 *** pre orders available ****
Happy Halloween is a collaborative work between four great authors (Or three and myself) Ava K Michaels, Chris S Bailey, Rick Haynes and li’l old me. It was written in a similar fashion to a collection of drabbles, with each author having an initial start up peice to introduce their character(s) of 500 words and then having a 100 words to continue the story when its their turn. This later became two hundred words a turn. What you are left with is organised chaos and a lot of fun. The writers had to react to the other storylines and adapt as they went along. Luckily, this was not our first attempt at such a collaboration. the story is full of amusing twists, dark thoughts and is not for the faint hearted.

Any profits raised from the sale of this book will initially go to the support the great work done by http://www.kuforum.co.uk/kindleusersforum/. It may at a later date be diverted to some other worthy cause.

Here is the blurb:
All Hallows’ eve produced a run of the mill call for the local police station; a house party was violating the noise ordinance. Not surprising for on duty police officer, Cole Fitzgerald considering the rowdy nature of this time of year.
Not much challenged Lieutenant Fitzgerald’s resolve, that is, until he stumbles upon something that is undefinable and haunting to a profound degree. A dark disturbance that burrows into his depths and festers until it edges its way under every inch of his skin.

Colliding suspects rip up the night in utter pandemonium:
Nikolai Kairos, a biting personality, attempts to juggle hosting duties while dealing with his own lustful troubles.

Hector, the faithful manservant strives to remain obedient to his duties amidst chaos until his heart takes control, a dangerous detour.

Hump, the deformed beast roams the party, hunting endlessly for his next toxic conquest.

These are just a few of the beings that challenge the Lieutenant’s perception of just what lurks in the dark.

A.K. Michaels (The Wolf, The Witch and The Vampire), C.S. Bailey (Maybe, Misery), Nav Logan (The Storm-Bringer Saga) and Rick Haynes (Bolt out of the Blue) come together to bring you a completely improvised and extremely grown up tale. With a guest appearance from author Ken Magee.

Happy Halloween!

Here is a Drabble inspired by the story.

Burning Down The House

The dry timber crackled into life, starting with the flaming brand and quickly becoming an inferno. Soon, the heat became as hot as the depths of Hades.
The spirits which had dwelled for so long in the ancient timbers of the house, shrieked their protest. Their sanctuary was being destroyed.
They clung desperately to their past lives, wanting to remain in the land of the living, but the hooligans in a rash moment of drunken stupidity had evicted them from their home.
Now the ghostly spirits were released into the night.
They would seek retribution for this act of vandalism.

Dedicated to my fellow Bananaman, Rick Haynes, who first placed this idea into my head. It refused to let go
Happy Halloween launch teaser
hump's teaser-1
Cole's teaser

nikolai's teaser

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