The Storm-Bringer Saga Glossary

Please find here a comprehensive Glossary of all characters and places within the Storm-Bringer Saga.
A word of caution- beware of spoilers!


The Clans:

The Bear Clan Clann Na Béar The Bear Clan are one of the two dominant Pectish clans of Tir Pect. A ferocious clan from the eastern mountainous regions of Tir Pect. Their lands stretch from Ard Pect to the Bitter Eastern Sea. They are renowned for their Berserkers.
The Boarites Clann Na Torc The Clan of the Boars are a dominant Fear Ban clan. They are ruled by Lord Boare, the Usurper-king. Their clan lands are in southern Dragania and surround the rich city of Suilequay, on the banks of the river Suile.
The Brocians Clann Na Broce The Badger Clan are a Pectish clan living within the borders of Dragania who live in their capital city, Broca and through various underground dwellings called Setts, within the Broce Woods.
The Dark Goblins Na Coblinau-Dorcha: Small mythical warlike creatures that are believed to dwell deep within the isolated mountain regions and deep caverns of northern Tir Pect. Bands of Dark Goblin raiders are believed to be common in the more northerly parts of the land. The race is divided into tribes, which guard their territory fiercely. They include: the Blooded-Hand, the Yellow Fangs, and the Broken Jaws
The Dragon Clan Clann Na Dragan The Dragon Clan are one of the ancestral rulers of the land of Dragania. They are a Fear Ban clan, living on the Northern plains of Dragania. The land includes the ancestral seat of the clan, Dragon’s Ridge; where a King’s hill fort, Dun Dragan sits majestically over the Plains of the Dragon. Also within their borders sits the city of Manquay on the River Man, where the spring and autumn fairs are traditionally held each year.
The Dwarfs Draoidín/ Dvergr: This small isolated race dwell on the northernmost mountains of Tir Pect and are short and stocky of frame and grim of countenance. The Pects know them as gifted armourers and miners and call them Draoidín, or simply Dwarfs, due to their stature. The correct name for the Draoidín is the Dvergr, after the leader of their pantheon of Gods, Dvergrgunt Whitebeard. Although few in number, the Dvergr are as tough as the steel they forge and guard their wealth and secrets with equal vigour.
The Hawk Clan Clann Na Seabhac The Hawk Clan are sometimes referred to as the Hawk People. This small Pectish clan live on the northern slope of Sliamh Na Dia, at Eagles Reach. Despite officially being within the borders of Dragania, they still maintain a strong connection with their northern Pectish cousins in Tir Pect due to their isolation on the southern tip of the Great Pectish Mountain Range.
The Horse Clan Clann Na Copall The Horse People of the Eastern Plains are one of the northern Fear Ban clans, with a long history of skirmish warfare against their Pectish neighbours. A long tradition of support and cooperation has existed between the Horse Clan and their near neighbours, the Dragon Clan. They are renowned for their light cavalry.
The Invaders Fear Ban A term used by the Pects to describe ‘the Invaders’ from across the Bitter Eastern Seas. Taller than the native Pects, they have predominantly blond hair and blue eyes. They speak mostly the new tongue that the Pects call Sassenaucht.
The Otter Clan Clann Na Madra Uisce The Otter Clan are a small Pectish clan who dwell in the swamplands of Dragania’s Great Marsh.
The Pects: Na Pecti The ancient clans of the land, now mainly residing in the poorer mountainous lands to the north. They are currently ruled jointly by High King Conchubhar and his wife, High Queen Medb Ni Béar. Shorter and darker in features than ‘the Invaders’. They still cling to their old traditions and still speak mainly in the old tongue; Pectish.
The Reavers Fear Ban Northlander cousins of the clans of the Fear Ban. They dwell on the Icy Wastes and make their living as pirates, slavers and marauders in their sleek Dragonships. The Pects make no distinction between the settled ‘Invaders’ in Dragania, and their Reaver cousins.
The Seal Clan Clann Na Rón The ruling clan of the Western Isles and the Over-lords of the Sea of Hunger.
The Snow Badger Clan Clann Na Snochta Broce Clann Na Snochta Broce are a small isolated sub-clan of the Brocians, who are predominantly albino. They live in a Sett on the foothills of the Great Pectish Mountain Range.
The Stag Clan Clann Na Stagaí The people of the Stag are the rulers of the Wood of the Hinds, in southern Dragania. Although one of the original Fear Ban clans, they prefer the quiet of their woods and rarely get involved in the politics of Dragania.
The Travellers Clann Na Teincheor Landless Pectish clanfolk, who once lived in the lands now claimed by the clans of the Fear Ban. Many of these dispossessed clansmen have taken to the highways and byways and live in small travelling communities, surviving on their wits and abilities.
The Wolf Clan Clann Na MacTíre The Wolf Clan are one of the two dominant Pectish clans of Tir Pect. The wolf people are based around the western part of Tir Pect, between the Sea of Hunger and Ard Pect. The wolves fight in an unusual style for Pects, preferring to hunt as a pack, rather than as individual warriors.
The Torturers of Lord Boare Hew, Drew and Brew. Brew, the oldest of the triplets, has been sent by Maerlin to report back to Lord Boare on his failed attack on the Mountain of the Gods. Hew and Drew have been out-lawed and sentenced to death at the hands of the Gods, on the peak of Sliamh Na Dia.
The Guilds
The Guild of the Cutpurse Manquay’s pickpocket and cutpurse guild.
The Muggers Union Manquay’s Mugger’s guild.
The Order of the Black Dagger Manquay’s infamous assassin’s guild.
The Oven-Mitts: Procurers of goods that would otherwise be too hot to handle. Manquay’s guild of Fences and Pawn-Brokers.
The Silent Intruders Manquay’s guild of cat-burglars.
The Smugglers Co-operative Manquay’s smugglers and pirate guild.
The Toxic-Demisers Manquay’s guild of poisoners.
Monastery of Leithban A small non-denominational monastical order, famous for their mead production. It is situated on a small island in Crannockmore Lough, near to Ard Pect. Members of the Order include: Abbot Gearoid, Brother Seamus (Seamy), Brother Leonard, Brother Fionn, Brother Guerin (recently deceased leader of the Community) Brother Niall, Brother Tomas, Brother Ciaran and Brother Mihael.
The Bardic Order One of the Three Orders of the Druids: The Bards are the holders and protectors of the oral history and traditions of the Pects. A mocking word from a Bard can curse a man in this life and beyond. They have a lesser influence within Dragania, though some of its clans still hold to the old Pectish traditions.
The Brehon Order One of the Three Orders of the Druids: The Brehons concern themselves with the maintenance of Law and Order within Pectish society, and since the brokering of the Great Truce, to a lesser degree in Dragania.
The Druidic Order One of the Three Orders of the Druids: The Druids concern themselves with all things magical and spiritual within Pectish Society, and since the brokering of the Great Truce, also have a lesser influence on Dragania
The Order of Deanna One of the Orders who are guardians of the Seven Greater Gods. Each of these Orders are dedicated solely to their individual God or Goddess, but they retain a mutual respect for all of the Seven. Worshipers of the Goddess, Deanna. They are mainly based on the Holy Isle within the Great Marsh and they also have a small Temple in Ard Pect.
The Gods:
Arianrhod Arianrhod One of the Seven Greater Gods. The Goddess of the Moon and the Tides
Cernunnos Cernunnos One of the Seven Greater Gods. The God of the Hunt and of the Warrior.
Cliodhna Cliodhna One of the Seven Greater Gods, Goddess of Love and Beauty.
Dagda Dagda One of the Seven Greater Gods. The All-father. God of all things magical and of Time.
Deanna Deanna One of the Seven Greater Gods, Goddess of Life and of Dreams
Lugh Lugh One of the Seven Greater Gods. The Sun God; the Provider.
Macha: Macha: One of the Seven Greater Gods, Goddess of War, and Death, and of Reincarnation.
The Elder God Crom Cruach The Elder God, or the Snake God. Legend claims he was entombed by the Seven Greater Gods within Sliamh Na Dia.

The Main Characters:

Aiden Aiden Crionna Na Broce Elder of the Southern Dell Sett and High Council Member at Broca. Vort’s father.
Aiteann Aiteann MacIolar-Mara Daughter of Iolar-Mara of the Hawk People of Eagles Reach. Maerlin’s mother.
Auntie Millie A relative of Maerlin’s father, and one of the Elders at High Peaks
Broll The Beggar-lord; head of the Beggars’ Guild in Manquay and surrogate father of Cull, his Heir-apparent
Captain Bohan The Captain and owner of the smuggler ship, the Lurching Otter.
Cathal Cathal MacBroce Snochta The Head Warrior of the Clann Na Broce Snochta; the Snow Badgers.
Ceila Dream-Catcher The High Priestess of the Order of Deanna and ruler of the Holy Isle. She is a powerful Dream-catcher of Deanna.
Charlene Searlaoin Sile’s personal assistant and aide in the Pink Rose.
Chief Iolar-Mara Ri Iolar-Mara The ruler of the Hawk Clan at Eagles Reach. Maerlin’s grandfather
Cillian of the Dragon Clan Conal’s tutor for a time during his childhood.
Conal Dragonson Conal MacDragan Prince of Clann Na Dragan, the Dragon Clan and now elected Dragon-lord/ Ri Na Dragan. Named by Clann Na Snochta Broce as Ciudachbane.
Cora Cora Ni Mannaman Princess of the Seal Clan, novice Water-sister of the Order of Deanna, and Maerlin’s friend
Cull Cuilithe Cull has been named as heir by Broll the Beggar-lord. He is a man of many talents.
Declan Morganson The Grand Marshal of the Dragon Clan.
Dubhgall the Black Dubhgall the Black/Dorcha /the Dark Mage/Balor. A powerful necromancer and wizard who has used his magical powers to extend his natural lifespan. Reputed to have strong dream powers and be able to mask his whereabouts from others.
Duncan Gammit Childhood adversary of Maerlin’s at High Peaks, and a nephew of Auntie Millie. He is betrothed to Megan, the miller’s daughter
Eoghan Strongarms Maerlin’s father. The Blacksmith of High Peaks.
Feilim Feilim Cathal’s companion and a gifted scout for Clann Na Broce.
Fintan. Fintan MacIolar-Mara Fintan Blue-wing, husband of Uiscallan the Storm-bringer, originally from the Hawk Clan.
Gearoid Brightstar. Gearoid MacBéar Abbot of the monks at Leithban Monastery
King Connor. Conchubhar MacTíre High King of the Pects of Tir Pect and the Wolf-king of Clann Na MacTíre. Joint ruler of Tir Pect
King Mannaman the Wise. Ri Mannaman Críonna The legendary ruler of the Seal Clan and Cora’s father. Over-lord of the Western Isles and Protector of the Sea of Hunger.
Lord Boare. Ri Na Torc Hereditary title for the Chieftain of the Boare Clan (the Boarites) The current holder of the title is also known as the Usurper-king, after his defeat of the Dragons in the second Battle of the High Kings.
Luigheagh the Dragon-lord. Luigheagh Ri Na Dragan The founder of Clann Na Dragan on the Plains of the Dragon. Conal’s great-grandfather and the first High King of Dragania. Famous for his work on creating peace in Dragania, by brokering a deal called the Great Truce between the Fear Ban and the Pectish clans within the region.
Madame Ester Dunne. The landlady of the Manquay tavern, the Uisce-Beatha, and a priestess of the Order of Deanna
Maerlin of High Peaks Originally from High Peaks, and now an Air-sister novice of the Order of Deanna, Dream-catcher and Storm-bringer.
Malachy The Fool. Malachi The Court Jester- a fool, dwarf (Dvergr), and the confidante of Queen Medb of Tir Pect.
Nessa MacTire. Nessa MacTire Usually based in the community on the edge of the Broce Woods, she is a priestess of the Order of Deanna and an Earth-sister, as well as Maerlin’s mentor. (Now reincarnated as a Magpie and serving both Deanna and Macha.) Originally a member of Clann Na MacTíre.
Nightshade Fuath Dubh A young tracker of the Hawk Clan and Maerlin’s cousin
Orla Orla Ni Tirloch Broce The wife of Vort MacAiden Na Broce of the Southern Dell Set.
Queen Meave Medb Ni Béar Medb is the High Queen of Tir Pect, as well as the ruler of Clann Na Béar, joint ruler of Tir Pect. She is a renowned warrioress and berserker.
Sheila Four-Breasts Sile Ceathrar-Cioch The ‘Madame’ of the Pink Rose, a high class brothel in Ard Pect; as well as master spy in the employ of Broll the Beggar-lord
Sionna Sionna Ni Broce Snochta Cathal’s mother, a respected Elder of Clann Na Broce Snochta.
Sir Gallaghad A lovesick magpie
Sygvaldr Sygvaldr His Royal Highness King Sygvaldr Frost-Breath: – The Seventy-Sixth Ruler of the Icy Wastes and Lord of the Skies- the last of the Frost Dragons
The Torturers Hew, Drew and Brew (triplets). The three torturers of Lord Boare.
Taliesin Larkstongue Also known as Tal, referred to as a Bard although he has never attained the formal education for this title. However, he has given up on arguing about it, as people still insist on calling him that anyway. Originally named Geordie MacCopall of the Screaming Plains.
Uiscallan the Storm-bringer Uiscallan Originally of the Hawk Clan, she is a legendary priestess of Deanna and a Storm-bringer. Seabhac; a name used by Uiscallan during her self-inflicted exile from the world.
Uncle Joe An Elder of High Peaks, who speaks with a lisp as he has few teeth left. He is related to Maerlin on her father’s side.
Vort the Brocian Vort MacAiden Na Broce: Vort of the Southern Dell Sett, War Chief of the Brocians and the first Warrior- mage of Clann Na Broce. Gifted with the ability to Form-meld, and able to shapeshift into the clan’s totem beast; the badger.
The Shadowy Hand of Macha A legendary Master Assassin believed to be immortal, and accredited with the deaths of many a person under mysterious curcumstances.

Na Coblinau-Dorcha

High Priest Barfall Bhadhfarhl The High Priest of Crom Cruach of the Dark Goblin tribe of the Blooded-Hand Tribe, Gweedor’s father.
Bow-leg Bracky Bracharl Ui Gweirough Untried warrior of the Blooded-Hand Tribe.
Callahall Club-foot Callahall Ui Bharzakhal The nearest thing that Gweedor has to a friend. Another untried warrior of the Blooded-Hand Tribe.
Cross-eyed Murvy Mhairdhaeagh nu Klocheragh Untried warrioress of the Blooded-Hand Tribe.
Gweedor the Wheezy Ghuidhor Ui Bhadhfarhl Acolyte of Crom Cruach of the Blooded-Hand Tribe.
Lord Arghlin Fharghlin Dvergr-slayer Goblin King of the Blooded-Hand tribe
Scarbur the Scarper Scarghbugh Ui Tugh Reluctantly classed as a warrior. but claimed to be the fastest goblin ever born. The Scarper is the most cowardly of the goblins in the Blooded Hand tribe
Boo-lack Dragonsbane Bhardghulagh Dragan-bane Ghuidhor Ui Bhadhfarhl’s forefather, (Ghuidhor is the ninth son of the ninth son, of the ninth son of the great High Priest Bhardghulagh


Bitter Eastern Sea The narrow sea which lies to the east of the Plains of the Dragon, beyond the Screaming Plains. It is renowned for its fiercely cold winds that blow across it from the Icy Wastes.
Broca Situated deep in the Broce Woods. This is the capital city of Clann Na Broce. The city has never been successfully defeated.
Crannockmore Loch Crannóg Mor Lough Large sea-fed lake situated in the middle of Tir Pect, which runs into the Sea of Hunger. Upon its shores lies the capital city of Ard Pect.
Dragania Once this land belonging solely to the ancient Clans of the Pects and was a part of Tir Pect. After the invasion of the Fear Ban from beyond the Bitter Eastern Sea, a new kingdom was established. Since then, it has been ruled by a Fear Ban High Kings; either from the Dragon Clan or from the other dominant Clan, the Boarites. The name originated from the dragon-headed Reaver ships, which the Fear Ban used during their invasion.
Dragon’s Ridge Carrig Na Dragan Ancestral home of the Dragon Clan. A high ridge upon the Plains of the Dragon on which Luigheagh, Conal’s great-grandfather, built the fortress, Dun Dragan, after the First Battle of the High Kings
Eagles Reach A village on the northern side of Sliamh Na Dia in the Great Pectish Mountain Range. It is situated between the Broce Woods and the Sea of Hunger and is the ancestral lands of the Hawk Clan. It was the birthplace of Maerlin’s mother
Hall of Heroes Also referred to as the Hall of Kings. Mythical feasting hall in the afterlife; ‘The Otherworld’; where renowned heroes and kings feast in the company of the Seven Greater Gods.
High Peaks The village were Maerlin grew up. The highest village on the southern side of the Mountain of the Gods.
High Pect Ard Pect The capital city of Tir Pect and domain of the High King and High Queen of the Pects, located on the western shore of Crannóg Mor Lough
Manquay A city on the river Man; the most northern of the Fear Ban cities. It is situated on the southern edge of the Plains of the Dragon.
Monastery of Leithban An isolated religious community, living on a small island within Crannóg Mor Lough near Ard Pect.
Plains of the Dragon Magh Dragan Territory of the Dragon Clan on which stands Dragon’s Ridge and the Fort of Dun Dragan; the Borderlands of the North. The Plains of the Dragon along with the other border clans act as a defensive barrier between the lands of the Pects and lands of Dragania. The duty of these border clans has always been to protect the rich and fertile southern lands of the Fear Ban from the invasions of Tir Pect.
River Man One of the two great tributaries, running from the Plains of the Dragon through Manquay and on, around the Great Marsh and into the Sea of Hunger.
River Suile One of the two great tributaries, running from the Southern Woodlands through Suilequay, around the Great Marsh and into the Sea of Hunger
Suilequay Southern city of the Clan of the Boars and home of Lord Boare. It is situated on the banks of the river Suile.
The Bitter Eastern Sea A harsh sea that lies to the east of Tir Pect and Dragania and separates it from the Icy Wastes
The Great Marsh A massive fenland area, bordered by the two great rivers of Man and Suile, where the rivers flow into the Sea of Hunger.
The Great Pectish Mountains A range of mountains which stretch from the northern edge of the land at the Bitter Eastern Seas to the archipelagos of the Western Isles. It creates a natural boundary between the lush plains of the south where the Fear Ban settled over two centuries ago, and the lands still owned by the original inhabitants of the land; the native Pectish clans of Tir Pect. The mountains curled down the western coast before dissipating near the city of Manquay. One peak, however, towers above its smaller cousins. It is known as Sliamh Na Dia: the Mountain of the Gods.
The Holy Isle Island situated deep in the Great Marsh and home of the Order of Deanna
The Icy Wastes It lies beyond the Bitter Eastern Sea and is the hereditary homeland of the invaders known as Fear Ban and of the pirate raiders known as the Reavers. Traditionally known for its piracy, slavers and marauding raiders due to its poor farming land. Deep within the region lies the legendary Palace of the Frost Dragons on the far side of the Ice Plains
The Land of the Pects Tir Pect The northern mountainous lands that run from the Bitter Eastern Sea to the waters of the Sea of Hunger; the only surviving lands of the native Pects. It was left to the Pects after the invasion of the Fear Ban. The Invaders believed that the land was not fertile enough to bother fighting over, and the range of mountains that defined its southern border held strong defensible passes.
The Mountain of the Gods Sliamh Na Dia The towering mountain peak of the Great Pectish Mountain Range, on whose shoulders sits both High Peaks and Eagles Reach. Legend tells that a god was banished there and is still caged within its volcanic rock.
The Broce Woods Large wooded expanse of forest, ancestral homeland of the Badger Clan, lies between the Plains of the Dragon and the Great Pectish Mountain Range. Since the Great Truce, small villages of Fear Ban have settled along the eastern edge of the great woodlands, but they are careful to respect the taboos of the fearsome Brocian Pects within the woods.
The Queen’s Bed-chamber A tavern in Ard Pect, near the market place on the way down to the docks.
The Screaming Plains Rugged territory that lies to the far east of the Plains of the Dragon
The Sea of Hunger A vast expanse of water, more an ocean than a sea, where the archipelagos known as the Western Isles are situated.
The Teeth of the Draoidín A range of mountain peaks on the northernmost tip of Tir Pect. A wild isolated landscape filled with dark monsters; Malachi’s homeland.
The Uisce Beatha A rundown tavern in Manquay owned and run by The Order of Deanna.


Air Elemental Magical creature that dwells in Air, also known as a Sylph
Dragontooth sword An Fiacail Dragan The Dragontooth sword of Clann Na Dragan and symbol of the High King of Dragania, or as Cull likes to call it, ‘the pig-sticker’.
Earth Elemental Magical creature that dwells in Earth, also known as a Gnome.
Fire Elemental Magical creature that dwells in Fire, also known as a Salamander
Kyudock Ciudach These monstrous creatures have been hunted to extinction in the lowlands, but they are still common in the mountainous regions of Tir Pect. They are hunted in Tir Pect as a test of a warrior’s bravery and skill, and their tough hides are highly valued for making armour. Usually, they avoid human settlements and live in isolated cave complexes. They tend to hunt after dark and avoid bright sunlight, which is believes to cause an affliction known as Sun-madness. On rare occasions they can become addicted to Chorthium dust, a rare crystal which can initially give euphoric feelings to the user. Prolonged use can cause serious psychosis. Ciudach who are afflicted with either Sun-madness or Chorthium dust addiction are usually shunned by their tribe and roam the mountains. These ‘rogue’ Ciudach have been known to attack mountain villages and will fight to the death.
The Gathering of the Clans A bi-annual gathering of all the clans of both Dragania and Ard Pect, held each year on the outskirts of Manquay, where it meets the Plain of the Dragon. Peace is maintained throughout the fairs: spring and autumn by the strict rules of Brehon Law and the final ruling of the Chief Druid of Lugh and High Priestess of Deanna
The Great Truce A peace accord agreed between the Pectish Clans and the Fear Ban clans of Dragania. It was instigated by Luigheagh An Dragan; founder of the Dragan Clan
The spring fair One of the bi-annual Gatherings of the Clans and a great source of trade for goods from across Dragania and beyond. It includes the trials of manhood, where the young men of the Clans compete for honour and fame. During their trials the young men can be acknowledged as a full member of their clan and compete in a multitude of physical and mental tests which will assist in their selection for a future trade. The various religious Orders also select prospective youths for magical training during this fair.
Water Elemental Magical creature that dwells in water, also known as a Sprite, Nymph or Undine
Tri-crub Tri-crub Three-bladed dagger similar to a claw, commonly used by Clann Na Broce
Suiladorcha Suiladorcha root The root of a rare flower, found on the outskirts of the Brocian city of Broca. A mild hallucinogenic found within the root, helps the warriors of the Badger Clan, to see in the dark, by heightening the senses.
The New Tongue Sassenaucht. The language spoken by most of the people in Dragania, rooted in their ancestry on the Icy Wastes and similar to the Reaver tongue spoken there , but it also contains many words rooted in the Pectish tongue though the pronunciation may differ from the original.
Snow Giants Large monster found in Northern Tir Pect and common on the Icy Wastes
Ice Bears Large version of a wolf found in Northern and Eastern Tir Pect and common on the Icy Wastes
Tundra wolves Large version of a wolf found in Northern and Western Tir Pect and common on the Icy Wastes

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